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Ghana is a beautiful country located in West Africa next to the Ivory Coast. Although the country is quite beautiful, the best thing it has to offer is its sexy Ghana women. If you have never been to Ghana, you are really missing out. There is something about those sexy Ghana women that is even better than the black women you see in the United States or in the UK.

The trip I took to Ghana is one that I will never forget. It seemed like I was surrounded by sexy Ghana women wherever I went. Watching those dark skinned women walking around with baskets on their heads and taking care of their daily chores was sexy. Hell, they didnít even have to do anything special to look good! They werenít all dolled up with makeup and hootchie mama clothes. Yet, they were the hottest women I had ever seen and I knew I had to have one.

As it turns out, I got to fuck several different sexy Ghana women. To tell the truth, it wasnít too difficult. I will be honest; I hooked up with the first one by offering her a little cash. I mean, why bother playing games? Although Ghana is better off than some of the other African countries, they are still a poor nation. So, offering even a little bit of money is enough to get those sexy Ghana women excited.

So, I gave this one woman some cash and asked her to show me a good time. We went back to her hut and she took off her clothes right away. I didnít have to do anything to get the party started - no foreplay or playing stupid games. She just took of her clothes and I took off my mine and she rode my dick until I came. I wasnít worried about trying to get her off. After all, I was paying for this and I was only worried about taking care of myself.

After hooking up with the first one, I found it to be even easier to get these sexy Ghana women to give it up. Many of them were willing to give it to me just because I was from the UK. I donít know if they thought I would take care of them afterward or if they were just intrigued because I was a foreigner, but I found several that were willing to give it up.

I think the best experience, though, was when I managed to hook up with two sisters at one time. I had actually fucked both of them separately without realizing they were sisters. Then, I ran into them both later on in the trip. After we realized that I was the foreign guy that had recently fucked them both, they actually decided they wanted to have some more fun but with both of them at the same time.

I know they were sisters, but those black girls still put on a nice little sex show for me. They ate each other out and fucked each other with some vines and fruit from their village. Then, one sat on my face while the other one fucked me. They took turns fucking me and getting eaten out and they played with each otherís tits the whole time. There pussies tasted so sweet and they were both so tight and warm around my cock. It was an amazing experience and one that I donít think I will ever be able to repeat again in the UK Ė not unless I run across some more sexy Ghana women anyway.

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